Online Art Workshops

Online Art Workshops

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Discover the Artist Within: Weekly Art Coaching with Michelle

Canvas Creatures


Get ready to explore the art of painting animals, birds, nature scenes. Learn how to create a sketchbook to keep your reference material and the ideas flowing. Are you ready to unleash your inner artist? This ongoing series of workshops is perfect for budding artists eager to tap into their creative power.

What You'll Experience:

Inspiration & Connection: Through online guidance from Michelle, you'll connect with your inner self and discover new sources of inspiration.

- Techniques Artistic:  Learn a variety of techniques that will help your future artist self.

- Flexible Mediums:  Choose between watercolour or acrylic, drawing, mixed media to suit your artistic preference.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: Each workshop runs for 1.5hr once a week.
  • You can just try one class and then decide if you want to do the six weeks workshops.
    How to Join:  
  • After purchasing the voucher, please email to arrange a time for your weekly workshops.

Embark on your artistic journey today and uncover the creative potential within you!

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